We Meet Again!

UntitledDear Blog Friends,

It’s me…again. If you follow my Facebook page,Ā Becoming Dr. Lah, you already know that I’ve bid adieu to my self-hosted blog. Last summer the blog experienced a technical glitch & all my content from the past 3 years was deleted. I am not going to sugarcoat things & tell you that I was totally okay with the loss of EVERYTHING, because I was pretty devastated. However, there was nothing that could be done–it was gone. Soooooo, I took it as a sign that it was time to move on from that blog; besides, with 2 babies aged 2 & under, blogging isn’t very high on the priority list (sorry folks).Ā  I also decided that when I get back to blogging, I will use my free site *THIS ONE* instead of paying for something I rarely use.

So, here I am. Back here & ready to do a short blog post. Trust me when I say SHORT blog post–I’m currently writing while my 2-year-old holds onto my arm, waiting for his chance to pound on the keyboard & my newborn naps (he will wake up hangry any minute now).

On my Becoming Dr. Lah Facebook page, I’ve started #LorisLowCarb2018 where I post my 2018 low carb journey. I’ve had a few requests for recipes, & I’m going to try to get as many back on here as possible. Just today I found most all of the recipe photos in a file on my desktop computer, so I think it may be much easier than I thought to get the recipes back online YAY!!!

Stay tuned, and hopefully I can get some of my favorite low carb recipes back up soon. šŸ™‚

Connect with me on a regular basis on my Facebook page, Becoming Dr. Lah, for daily updates & low carb goodness. šŸ™‚

Have a great day,
Lori šŸ™‚