Don’t Stop Believing (cue music…)

Seriously…cue the music (conveniently provided for you thanks to Youtube). 🙂


Okay, now that you’re listening to a little inspirational tuneage, it’s time to get serious (well, kinda, sorta serious). 🙂

I saw this picture on one of the many health/fitness Facebook sites I subscribe to:


How many time have we allowed one little stumble completely end the journey? I’m telling you, I’m the queen of bumps in the road discontinuing the many journeys I zealously started. However, I’ve finally reached the point where a stumble is simply that; a stumble, not a tragic ending.


When you are finally mentally prepared to endure the journey, a stumble will not  impair your ability to continue. I cannot stress how important personal readiness is when it comes to the weight loss process. I endured years of my mother and grandmother telling me why I needed to lose weight, and how I should care more about myself and my appearance. I tried time and time again to get started on a weight loss regimen, but I was never able to endure.


What was so different for me this time??? Easy — I was mentally prepared for the journey this time, because I was ready to do this for myself. No one else was pressuring me, bargaining with me, or pleading with me; I was doing it for me and no one else. I was the one ready to make the change in myself; it was then that I realized why I was unable to be successful so many times before–the need for change wasn’t coming from inside me, it was being imposed on me by outside forces (those outside forces being my mother and grandmother).


I’m happy to report that after 19 months of low carb endurance, I know I will reach my goal–I am fully focused on that goal all the time. A stumble or moment of weakness will not hinder my progress or my intent on finishing the race victoriously!


So, in the words of Journey, “Don’t stop believing”, my friends. We can do this!!! 🙂




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