Water with a Splash of FABULOUS!

I am an admitted Diet Coke addict! I absolutely love my Diet Coke, but my body doesn’t love all that caffeine & aspartame. For many reasons I’ve made the decision to drink nothing but water. AND, unfortunately, water can be very bland and boring. I thought about drinking flavored waters…but once again, I don’t want any artificial sweeteners or weird  ingredients in my water (that kinda defeats the purpose of drinking water in the first place 🙂 ).

So…in an effort to increase my desire to drink water, I decided to add my own flavor enhancers. Lemons (of course), oranges, and strawberries are DELICIOUS in water & give it a totally different flavor. Adding slices of fresh fruit to water just make sense–loads of flavor with NO weirdness.

I keep slices of fresh lemons, oranges, & strawberries in my fridge at all times to easily pop in my water (I also cut super slim slices to fit into water bottles). Soooo delicious & super refreshing!!! 🙂

Orange water :)

Orange water 🙂



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