It’s FINALLY warm outside!!! Warm weather inspires my Hubby, the GRILL MASTER, to fire up the grill & attempt to grill anything in sight. We’ve decided that every Sunday afternoon this spring/summer will be our designated burgers & hotdogs day–it’s a quick, easy, DELISH meal to fix after church.

Today was our second Sunday afternoon grill-fest & it was spectacular! The weather’s beautiful, the windows are open, and the fabulous aroma from the grill fills the air. I enjoy cheeseburgers but sometimes find them difficult to eat without the carb-laden bun. I have several recipes for low carb buns, but they take a bit more time to create than I want to spend. I’ve eaten MANY ‘cheeseburger salads’ since embarking on my low carb journey (cheeseburger salad = eating the burger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, & mustard with a fork). Although the ‘cheeseburger salad’ is delicious, I miss eating the burger with my hands. I’ve wrapped lettuce leaves around my burger as well…but it almost always ends up a cheeseburger salad before I finish.

My new favorite way to eat a cheeseburger is wrapped in a low carb tortilla wrap. I put my condiments on the tortilla, place my veggies on top & finish with the burger. Lastly, I wrap the tortilla similar to a pita pocket to help hold everything together. I’m so very happy to report that this works fantastically! No more cheeseburger salads…unless I make that choice.

Typically when we grill hotdogs & burgers I make low-carb cole slaw as a side dish. My cole slow recipe is my absolute favorite. I’ll add my cole slaw recipe soon…so stay tuned. 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I’d add a picture of the cheeseburger goodness we enjoyed for lunch today–wrapped in a low carb wrap, held in one hand. Happy Sunday!!! 🙂



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