My Hubby, My Hero

I love my husband! I love him so very much!

He’s truly a wonderful example of what a Godly husband should be.

I don’t believe I would’ve ever taken the first step in my low carb journey if it wasn’t for him. As I’ve said in previous posts, his words motivated me & gave me the strength & courage to take those first steps two years ago. He simply said, “You’re the most stubborn, hard-headed person I’ve ever met & every time you set your mind to do something, you always do it. I’m surprised you’ve never set your mind to losing weight. I guess that’s the one thing that has control of you instead of you controlling it.” For some reason, his words resonated with me at that moment. That was the life changing moment for me.

Over the past two years, he’s been my support system. In the beginning of my journey, he was considerate of what I was doing for myself; he ate my new diet, didn’t complain, & kept all ‘evil’ foods out of my sight/mind. As time went on, I became strong enough to avoid foods on my own without him sheltering me from them. His commitment to my success truly helped me persevere during those first months of my journey.

My husband & I are in a different place these days; we’re now in the ‘why are we not pregnant already’ phase. I am a bit more anxious in this phase than he is, and once again, he’s my support. After our miscarriage in February, my doctor did a couple of months of blood work to determine the best next step; that step being a little Clomid/Progesterone cocktail to raise my hormone levels. I’m currently on my second round of Clomid, and the anxiety to conceive is sometimes very overwhelming for me. My Hubby, however, remains very calm, supportive, & (for the most part) understanding–he is my rock. He’s seriously a rock star to put up with me right now–Clomid brings some ‘fun’ & interesting side effects with it. I’m NOT an overly emotional person, but lately everything makes me cry–I’m talking all out sobbing kind if crying! Commercials, songs, Facebook news feed updates, tv shows–you name it, I’ve cried over it. Also, I’m a bit irrational about some things right now; things that normally would never bother me. In fact, I’m writing this post in the wake of my latest irrational episode…

Our kitchen wastebasket is housed in cabinets under the kitchen sink–completely out of sight (as it should be). My Husband, however, puts a plastic grocery bag around the top of one of our kitchen chairs & places his trash in the bag…and as I pass through the kitchen, I put his little garbage bag into the trash can (for some reason opening the cabinet door is bothersome for the Hubby). We’ve done this little trash dance routine forever without incident…until recently (enter Clomid). As I passed through the kitchen, that little plastic grocery bag was hanging on the back of the chair & it really bothered me; I mean REALLY bothered me. Instead of placing the bag in the trash, as I normally would, I began feeling infuriated by the bag. I felt my temperature & blood pressure increase because I was so mad at that little garbage bag; mad that it was where it didn’t belong; mad that ‘someone’ was too lazy to open the cabinet door & place trash in its proper place. This ‘someone’ had to be confronted. I knew when this was happening that I was being irrational, but absolutely could not help it. After being rather harsh over the grocery bag, I sobbed & sobbed & sobbed. A little while later, I was back in the kitchen & instead of a grocery bag on the back of the chair, a plate of food scraps was on the counter. SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED over the food scraps not being in the appropriate trash location. So…long story short, my poor, sweet, unsuspecting, innocent Hubby really hopes we don’t have to do many more rounds of Clomid.

He puts up with a lot & rarely complains. Even through my irrational, emotional, & ridiculous moments, he demonstrates patience, comfort, & unconditional love for me. I still don’t know what I did to deserve such an incredible man, but I thank God everyday, all day for blessing me with my Husband. ❤❤❤



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