Mind Games

I saw this image online earlier today & LOVE IT; I can sooooo relate.


When I first started a low carb lifestyle, I had to train my brain. When I began craving sugar/flour laden foods, I replaced those bad foods with low carb options such as cocoa roasted almonds, peanuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, pork rinds (😜 I now loathe pork rinds), and other low carb foods. Early in the low carb journey, I was only concerned with net carbs in foods & didn’t so much consider anything else. As I lost more weight (about a year into my new lifestyle, I added additional foods to my menu. These new foods were still low carb, but had a few more net carbs than foods I ate during the beginning phase of my journey. I began adding sugar substitutes (mainly Splenda) to my diet & drank more caffeine during this time. I also added berries such as strawberries & blueberries to my daily menu. However, recently I’ve been retraining my brain once again.

Now, not only am I concerned with low carb food options, but I’m also preparing my body for pregnancy. I’ve given up ALL artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and high sodium items. My diet now includes only whole foods–fresh vegetables (and some frozen on occasion), unprocessed foods, eggs, lean meats, blueberries/strawberries/and the occasional piece of fresh fruit, fish low in mercury, & lots of nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, & the occasional peanut). I also made the decision to drink nothing but water & drink at least a gallon of water each day. As I’ve made these changes over the past few months, I absolutely had to make a change of mind before I could make a successful change of body. I can definitely tell a huge difference in how I feel after cutting all artificial & processed foods out of my diet–I typically have lots of energy each day (and this is a very good thing since I’ve added to my daily exercise routine).

Changing your mind can seriously change your entire life (in a fabulous way)!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


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