Free To Be You & Me! :)

Free To Be You & Me! :)

When I came across this little photo online today, it made me smile. πŸ™‚

It’s H.O.T. outside!!! Coupled with the massive humidity, it is almost unbearable outside right now. Last week I went out of town with my Mom to one of our favorite shopping towns (Blowing Rock, NC). While walking through the town I sooooooooo wished I was smaller so I could wear more comfortable clothes in the sweltering heat . The clothing I wore vacuum sealed itself to my body the moment I stepped out of the car, due to that darn humidity. Maybe I worry too much about what others think (I don’t know if that’s something I’ll ever overcome); maybe it’s all in my head–either way, I’m just not comfortable in my skin (or my really hot clothes). I’ll keep working on this one–losing the weight is much easier than changing perceptions about oneself.


One thought on “Free To Be You & Me! :)

  1. Agreed. I will probably go to my gtave feeling the same way. I’m always trying to cover or hide what is obviously there. Thanks for sharing.

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