One thing I really miss on a low carb lifestyle is noodles. I’ve been looking for the perfect kitchen gadget to make veggie noodle creation a bit easier (to this point I’ve been cutting veggie noodles by hand–this takes forever). I was on a foodie blog about a month ago and saw an advertisement for a spiral slicer that was supposed to be the answer to the low carb noodle conundrum. Well, being the skeptical person I am, I decided to do a little research before shelling out $29.00 for this little gadget. While out of town last week, I visited several kitchen supply stores, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and a kitchen gadget  outlet store & could not find anything that seemed to rival this particular slicer. I decided to read reviews & overwhelmingly folks were extremely satisfied with the ease of use & performance of this slicer. So…I had no choice, I absolutely had to order the slicer.

Today, a little smiley face box from was on my doorstep! I was so excited, because I knew it was my slicer–my veggie noodle dream come true! My dinner menu was not a hard decision today–spaghetti with meat sauce! Oh, how I’ve missed spaghetti! I made my typical meat sauce (I’ll include the recipe below for anyone interested–but this post is all about the noodles); then, while the sauce was simmering, I ripped the slicer box open like a kid on Christmas morning 🙂 . I had four medium-sized zucchini washed & ready to go, gave the slicer a wash, and was ready to begin making ‘noodles’. Honestly, creating zucchini noodles was perhaps easier than opening a box of traditional pasta noodles! In less than probably 2 minutes I had all 4 zucchini transformed into noodles!!! The slicer has 2 parts–one main piece & a small piece to stabilize the veggie & protect your fingers–no assembly, no fuss, no muss! If you miss noodles as much as I have, do yourself a favor & invest in this little kitchen gem.


Order info for my newest favorite kitchen gadget can be found here (

If you’re interested in my meat sauce (low carb, low sodium) recipe, it can be found below.


*2 pounds ground chuck
*1 large diced onion
*2 teaspoons finely diced garlic (this really depends on your garlic preference)
*1 large green pepper diced
*1 Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*1 cup sliced Baby Bella mushrooms (you may use fresh or can, I prefer fresh)
*1 28oz. can of crushed tomatoes
*1 6oz. can of tomato paste
*1 Tablespoon of Italian seasoning
*1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
*Salt & pepper to taste (I don’t add any salt as the Parmesan adds saltiness to the sauce)

How to:
Add olive oil to a large skillet on medium heat. Add onions, green peppers, & garlic–allow to cook until onions are translucent. Add ground chuck & allow to brown completely. Next, add crushed tomatoes, then tomato paste–stir until paste is well incorporated. Add baby Bellas, Italian seasoning, grated Parmesan, salt & pepper. Allow the sauce to simmer (I simmer for about an hour to an hour and a half so all flavors marry). Spoon sauce over delicious zucchini noodles & enjoy! 🙂

How to:
Slice zucchini into noodles. Place noodles in a microwave safe container & cover completely. Microwave at 2 minute intervals (this way you can decide how done you prefer your noodles). I probably cooked my noodles for a total of 4 minutes (my hubby likes his noodles a little past al dente). Remove noodles from microwave & squeeze out liquid in a colander (I’m not a fan of soggy noodles 🙂 ). Plate desired amount of noodles & top with your favorite sauce. Enjoy! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Noodles!

  1. I’m going to have to get me one of these…I love gadgets. Since my bypass surgery I can not tolerate pasta. I’ve tried and it still makes me sick every time. We has friends over this weekend and I made baked speg…I of course had to excuse myself…
    Thanks for sharing…keep the poata coming.

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