Yum…Just Yum

My BLC self (before low carb) loved breakfast cereals. Cereal was not only a breakfast treat, I enjoyed it throughout the day. I even packed cereal for my lunch many days. Back then I really thought cereal was probably a healthy food choice; little did I know that it turned into pure sugar once in my body. Plus, an hour after eating cereal, I was starving once again (another fun side effect of carbs).

I honestly miss cereal these days. I’ve searched for low carb cereal options, but haven’t found anything really appealing. I found a website selling low carb cereal, but it’s super expensive (not even including the shipping costs). I’ve also found several low carb cereal recipes, but they didn’t sound very tasty; one recipe included pork rinds as an ingredient. I don’t know about you, but cereal and pork rinds just don’t go together. 😛

Recently I’ve decided to add plain Greek yogurt to my diet (plain Greek Yogurt has about 6-8 grams of carbs per serving, whereas flavored yogurt with added sweeteners has about 24-36 grams of carbs per serving). The majority of those carbs come from added sugar! I accidentally discovered that plain Greek yogurt + fresh blueberries + walnuts = CEREAL!!! Adding the blueberries and walnuts adds some more carbs to the yogurt; however, there is NO ADDED SUGAR OR WEIRD SWEETENERS in this concoction! Also the berries & walnuts add a bit of sweetness to the yogurt. If you’re expecting a sweet, Yoplait-type yogurt, you will be disappointed. Unlike grain/rice/flour-based sugary cereals, this ‘cereal’ is VERY filling & keeps me full all morning long.

So…here’s the no-brainer how-to for my new favorite breakfast:

*1 cup plain Greek yogurt
* 1/4 cup fresh blueberries (or any fresh fruit–blueberries & strawberries are lowest carb fruits)
*1/4 cup walnuts

How to:
1. Mash fruit with a fork.


2. Add yogurt:

3. Add walnuts:


4. Stir everything together & enjoy! This is truly just YUM!!! 🙂


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