Vote For Stateline Drive-In!!!

I live in east Tennessee–close to the North Carolina state line & close to the Virginia state line. This area is absolutely beautiful with the Appalachian mountain range stretching as far as the eye can see. In fact, my parents have a vacation cabin on a nearby mountain & the Appalachian Trail literally runs behind their backyard; when the trees are bare, you can see hikers walking the trail along the ridge…all while relaxing on the porch swing of my parents’ cabin. Within minutes from my house you can find waterfalls, majestic mountain vistas, winding mountain streams, and untouched fields of wildflowers; no doubt about it, our area has truly been blessed in the natural beauty department. East Tennessee is a unique little corner of the globe. 🙂

Another little gem in the east Tennessee region is the Stateline Drive-In. Stateline has been open since the 1940s, and offers fantastic family entertainment for our area. My husband, our Charlie ChiChi (a 5 pound Chihuahua), and I visit the Stateline almost every weekend to enjoy a night at the movies under the stars. We usually pack a picnic supper to take with us & enjoy as we watch the evening’s feature. However, the Stateline has an AMAZING snack bar with lots of goodies for everyone (popcorn, hotdogs, big juicy deli-style pickles, candies, etc.). All our friends and family members LOVE the Stateline!

This year, however, may be our beloved Stateline Drive-in’s last year of operation (as we know it). They announced months ago that movie companies will only offer movies in digital form beginning December 31, 2013, and because the digital projector equipment is around $80,000, they were unsure if they would be able to afford the upgrade. My husband & I visited the Stateline more than usual this summer in hopes to (1) support them as much as possible, and (2) soak up all the Stateline experience as possible (in case, god forbid, this is their last year of operation).

However, A glimmer of hope for the Stateline Drive-in came in the form of a national contest by Honda. Last month Honda announced they would donate 5 digital projectors to drive-ins attaining the most public support. Voting began August 9th & ran through September 9th. The Stateline Drive-in was not one of the 5 winning drive-ins; HOWEVER, Honda announced today that the contest has been extended until September 21st & they would award 4 more digital projectors!!!

My husband and I have been voting from all our devices once a day since August 9th (there’s nothing more we can do). Now we are asking everyone we know (personally & via world wide web) to please vote for our beloved Stateline Drive-In! The voting link is posted below. You may vote from this link (per device) once daily, PLUS you can text ‘Vote48’ each day to 444999.
Search for the Stateline Drive-in located in Elizabethton, TN (zip code 37643), & click ‘VOTE’.

We GREATLY appreciate your support as we attempt to save one of our favorite places!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can visit the Stateline Drive-in website at: You can also visit & ‘LIKE’ the Stateline Drive-in Facebook page at:

Below are some pictures of our family enjoying the Stateline Drive-in:





IMG_0085 IMG_0088







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