Tea-rrific! :)

I love this time of year. The weather is fantastic (low humidity, mild temperatures), days are getting shorter (yes, I’m in the small minority of folks who LOVE it when it gets dark early), colors are beautiful (changing leaves, ripe apples, vibrant pumpkins), and food seems to get a bit more savory & delicious (tis the season of comfort foods). It seems the season of high carb foods is upon us…and will last until New Year’s Day (after which the entire country will become diet obsessed for a few weeks).

High carb, sugar-laden apple, pumpkin, & spice desserts are everywhere right now. Facebook & Pinterest have been hijacked by everything apple, pumpkin, & cinnamon. Sometimes, usually late in the evening, perusing Facebook & Pinterest can be very frustrating as I find myself REALLY wanting some type of cinnamon-y confection. Luckily, I usually have a low carb alternative to help defeat those cravings. 🙂

Sure, I’ve learned how to create low carb replicas of most high carb recipes, but I don’t always have those foods (or ingredients for those foods) on hand. When a craving hits, I need to take care of it immediately; otherwise it will get worse. AND, even if I do have ingredients on hand, it takes time to make a recipe…and, as I said, I need to take care of any cravings IMMEDIATELY. When I see a picture of cinnamon buns or apple cake on my Facebook newsfeed, I need something to get me through that moment of possible weakness. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a new secret weapon… 🙂

My new favorite low carb treat is TEA! I’ve always been a fan of teas, but now I have a whole new appreciation for the diversity offered in teas. When a craving for something spicy or apple-y hits, I satisfy that craving with hot tea. I have an entire shelf in my kitchen cabinets dedicated to tea, & I have just about any type of tea one could want. 🙂

So, Facebook friends & Pinterest folk…BRING IT! Keep posting pictures of everything off limits–I’m good, I have my tea. 🙂



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