My Happy Place

As I’ve said MANY times before, I absolutely LOVE winter! I love snow, cold weather, scarves, mittens, crocheted caps, cozy sweaters, etc., etc., etc. However, every January/February, my mind begins to wander to long, warm summer days spent at my happy place–Tybee Island, Georgia.


The first time I visited Tybee Island, it was a complete fluke; in fact, we had never heard of Tybee Island. I was 14 years old when we made that first accidental trip to the place that would become the place my soul longs for. It was our annual family vacation (good times) & we were heading to Disney World in Orlando, FL. There was no possible way our family could be in a vehicle together for the entire 12 hour trek, so we planned to stop at the half-way mark & spend the night. My parents planned to spend the night in Hilton Head, SC; however, after spending way too much money (so he though) on lunch at the Hilton Head McDonald’s, my dad decided we were not staying there. My brother & I were looking forward to spending the afternoon at the beach, so we were disappointed that dad decided against staying in Hilton Head (we figured we’d end up at dad’s favorite road trip pit stop–the roach coach inn, where everything’s filthy & nothing works–& the closest thing to a beach we would see was a stopped up motel tub). Anyway, after leaving Hilton Head & getting back on interstate 95, dad spotted a sign for Tybee Island. Dad declared that we would find this Tybee Island & spend the night. My brother & I were elated as hope for an afternoon at the beach was back in sight. After reluctantly stopping a couple of times for directions, my dad FINALLY  found Tybee (back then, the island wasn’t marked very well). Dad checked us into the only hotel on the island (NOT a roach coach inn) & within seconds, my brother & I were changed into our swimsuits & in the ocean.

Right away I noticed how different this little island was from the beaches our family typically visited. Our family frequented Ocean Isle, NC, Holden Beach, NC, North Myrtle Beach, SC, and Isle of Palms, SC. Tybee was so different from these other places: it was smaller (more intimate), had sweeeeeeeet carnival rides on the boardwalk, sand dollars & conch shells were everywhere, & it just had a different feel from any place I had been before. I enjoyed those 2 short days we spent at Tybee Island more than any beach I visited before. After that very first visit, I became completely enchanted with the little island.

My husband & I have spent many vacations on Tybee, including our honeymoon (making Tybee Island even more special to me). It’s funny how a place you’ve never lived can somehow feel like home. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time there, but I truly feel like I’m home when I’m at Tybee; almost like, at some point in time, I lived there.

During one of our Tybee adventures, my husband & I stayed at a condominium complex where we met the most interesting women. I don’t exactly remember all the details surrounding our meeting (I vaguely think we may have met in the laundry room, but I’m not 100% certain), but I will never forget her. She asked if we were vacationing on Tybee & asked if we had been there before. I told her we spent our honeymoon at Tybee the previous year. She seemed delighted to hear we honeymooned on Tybee because she too honeymooned on Tybee…during the 1920s. This woman was now 96 years old & fell in love with Tybee on her honeymoon. After her husband passed away, several years before our meeting, she said Tybee was the only place she wanted to be. So, she sold everything & bought a condo on Tybee Island to live for the rest of her life. She said from the moment she first saw Tybee so many years before, she knew she was home; and she somehow felt closer to her deceased husband at Tybee. I was instantly drawn to this woman & felt we had so much in common. I looked for her each day during the remainder of our trip, but never encountered her again.

What’s so very special about this little island? It’s steeped in history (which I absolutely love), Live Oak trees draped in Spanish Moss & majestic palm trees create an ambiance of mystery & romance, the boardwalk is a spectacular (even though the carnival rides are long gone), everything about Tybee is eclectic (shopping, restaurants, B&B’s, hotels, rentals, locals), it’s only 20 miles from glorious Savannah, GA, & it’s just a small piece of heaven on earth. 🙂

I absolutely cannot wait until our next trip to Tybee Island, but until then, I’ll look at pictures & dream of my happy place. 😀

If you’re interested & would like more info about Tybee Island, click HERE, HERE, or HERE. Also, feel free to send me a message if you’d like my personal take on favorite restaurants, places to stay, shopping, etc. 😀

Tybee Island dreamin’ on this cold January day…








I can almost hear the ocean calling…goodnight friends.


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